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My Short Stories

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My Short Stories Empty My Short Stories

Post by katcombs on Wed Jun 27, 2012 7:24 pm

Someone once asked me about Tynami's mate... well here's how it happened: (written a while back)

Dancer Beach

It was a cold morning at Dancer Beach. The breeze was blowing at the rafts on the shore hard. With a sudden gust of wind, the raft on the far end started to shake, almost lifting off the ground, the person inside screaming shrilly with surprise. The trees nearest the shore also began to creek, with a hollow booming sound that came out of nowhere. That was what woke Tynami out of her sleep, her head ducking out of her raft, while holding onto it, her light auburn hair blowing around her face.

*Mother, where are you?!?!?* she sent openly to the tribe, her nails digging into the wood of her raft, holding on tightly.

There was no response.

*She is not here* her father, StormCurrent sent, his worry close to panic clear in his sending.

Tynami looked around as many of her tribe had come to look at the approaching storm. She quickly get to her feet and off her raft, *Get the rafts off the beach and tie them down!!* she sent to the whole tribe, grabbing the main string of her raft and pulling it up on shore into the deep forest that lay beyond Dancer Beach. *Hurry!!* she pressed, seeing that not everyone had responded immediately to her sending... dazed, she thought. Suddenly, they snapped out of it, hauling their homes into the trees. With quick finders, Tynami tied down her raft, watching as her father started helping others tie theirs down as well. Once everyone was set, she looked out over the water at the waves, knowing that she had done all she could to at least keep them in one piece. Over her should *Now!!! Under the waves!!* She hoped everyone heard her as she ran back to shore, diving into the bottom of a deep wave just before it hit the shore hard. She felt others behind her as she stayed inside the wave, watching Skydancer, StormWave and Calmwaves pass her, smirking as her uncle Rhymer passed her for a moment before the younger ones passed. She saw one of the youngest ones struggling with the waves before swimming out to help her,

**Stream** Tynami locksent to the young one, making sure she knew she was coming, grabbing her around the waist and pulling her on her back before heading down to the deeper caverns.

Once her head breached the lower caverns, Stream started to cry out, scared that she would not be able to get out of the storm, clutching her chieftess. Tynami turned around til she found Streams dame and handed her off, checking to be sure everyone was there.

*Change!!* she sent, watching the confused faces of all above her. Finally she climbed on to the small island and bowed her head. Refusing to cry, Tynami held her fists tight when a hand came down lightly on her shoulder. With a small jolt, she twisted and looked up into the eyes of Calmwaves. She held very still, a shock going through her body from the top of her head down to her webbed toes. Something held Tynami still in his emerald eyes and she could not look away.

**Katja** He locksent quietly to her, his short blond locks dripping down in his eyes as he gazed intensely at her. Quite unable to move, her body was stunned, a name seemed to pop into her mind, **Min** As she locksent it to him, his eyes wide.

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My Short Stories Empty Re: My Short Stories

Post by katcombs on Wed Jun 27, 2012 7:25 pm

That one was a very old one so ya'll have probably already read it. The next one I'm still writing, it's where Tynami would appear in the cannon world. It's interesting so far... I hope you like. Hopefully I'll have it done this weekend.

Here's another old short shot:

Tynami looked up at her mother as she held the the rope tight, her feet slowly sliding off the wet log under her feet. As Change was tied her end of the logs tight, Tynami finally slid too far, screamed and fell off into the coastal waters that they were working in. When her head surfaced, her mother was laughing quietly, standing in the position that she just fell from, pulling it securly. Coming up beside her, Tynami's bond dancer (dolphin) slid up under her and pulled her up, chittering.

*Do not say it* Tynami sent quietly, irritated by her own clumbsiness.

Change kept a total straight face, pulling harder on the ropes, *Just get over here and get this tied off before StormCurrent comes out here and starts complaining we're taking too long again.*

That was all it took for Tynami to squirm up to the almost finished raft, taking her place again as Change finished the knots and tied it together. With a laugh, Tynami secured her ends of the rope in her hands and quickly got her hands out of the way before her mother tied her hands in the rope. With a clap of her hands, Tynami dived back into the water, wrapping her arm around Seacatcher just as a large white bird landed on the other end of the raft.

*There. All finished. I'm sure even this will be up to your sire's standards,* Change sent sourly. She had never really gotten along with her recognized mate, and decided instead to be alone than to chose a lifemate. She didn't mind him much, but as eldest, he did have some say in the tribe. With a curious expression on her face, Change looked up at Tynami, watching her carefully as she started talking to the bird that landed on the raft. *How did you learn to do that?* she sent to Tynami.

*If you listen hard enough, they are easy enough to understand. I may not get everything right, but so far I have come very close,* Tynami sent with a giggle, offering a freshly caught fish to the bird. *I think I will name him Seafeather, since he gets along with Seacatcher so well,* she sent, ducking her head into the water to wet her hair again. *What do you think, mother?*

*I think you spend too much time with your creatures, Tynami. You need to spends more time with others your age.*

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