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Christina's WaveDancer dollz

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Christina's WaveDancer dollz

Post by ChristinaRaibert on Wed Apr 15, 2015 2:07 pm

Hope you guys don't mind if I start a thread with my WD dollz creations Very Happy I work mostly with dollmakers props, haven't yet tried advanced editing in Photoshop... though I might in the future! ^^

Ok, let's start with some of my favorite elf...


Bellydancer Maker

Dark Fairy Maker

Magical Elf Maker

Goddess Maker

Goddess Maker again, with Krill and Korafay

Disney Heroine Maker

Brill and Krill Tarot

And gave a try to the new Mermaid Maker... couldn't help it! Smile

And of course if we have Brill, Sunstream must be near too and so here go the two lifemates!

In the holt...

... and in the Palace


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