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Dolling links and makers

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Dolling links and makers

Post by katcombs on Thu Apr 09, 2015 5:42 pm

This is open to anyone whose on here... feel free to add new finds and updates to old finds.

Moonmoss @
Tynami @

-- Just the face --
Lunaii - Simple and fantastic av maker
Crysa's Female Character maker - I have yet to try this one, but it was in my bookmarks 
Foxrichards Face maker 
* Gen 8's Anime Face Maker Version 1 & Version 2 
* One of my all-time favorites: Anime Avatar Creator 

-- Main Sites I use -- 
Tektek - This one I use the most in designing characters

Azalea's Dolls - Magical ElfGoddess maker is great for High Ones and pretty much anything under exclusive (both pages)

Doll Divine - For males, there's Elven Prince, for females Elven Fashion and pretty much anything under exclusives

Rinmaru - Elven Makeover & Wood Elf

-- Whole Body -- 
The Doll Palace
Dollz Mania - has tons of themed makers, you can make almost anyone
Pixel Art Avatar Icon Generator 
Gen 8's Chibi Maker 
Avatars in Pixel - new site, but I love it!
Novaskin - adding this just for kicks, it's a Minecraft skin editor
Dolls BR
Elf Warrior on I-Dressup
Otaku Maker
Elouai - has a ton of makers, but it's a bit confusing

-- Unsorted -- - these make adorable headshot avatars refound a Subeta maker, donno if it's a good one yet.. I'll have to check it out later tonight

Nightsea - March 2004 - edited November 2014

Welcome to the Elfquest Dollz thread!

You can see many dollz (those I've made and those made by others),

hosted by Moonmoss @:

as well as by scrolling thru these thread pages.

Please feel free to post your own Elfquest Dollz or comment on the efforts you see here. 

Only Elfquest dollz belong in this or personal, either works. 

Other threads exist for dollz of forum members (self images): 

and other dollz (non-Elfquest):

*See with Joy*


PS: There was also a GROUP for Elfquest Dollers, but all the Group Threads for it along with other groups are now merged at:

I can pick out some of my topics (links below) and folks are welcome to link to theirs in their own posts to keep track of them.

Been so long (a 2011 post of some dollz of mine)

Templates and Bases to share

Chat (a great place to continue any "slightly off topic" discussions) OR 

Group Use (we can still use that thread, see it for suggested topics)

Awards, Praise & Positive Thoughts

Nightsea's Characters

Dollmaker by Wendy (I wonder if this is the Avatar Maker?)

Copyright, Ownership (In Relationship to DOLLZ, EQ)

A resource guide:

To make an elf character, search the forum for a CIS (Character Information Sheet) like this one on the Otherforest website:

To use "Elf Language" for a character name checkout:

Name Generators

FREE Image Software to Download


Trial version Paint Shop Pro:

ONLINE FREE Image Software (No Download Needed)

SUMO Paint:

Avairy Phoenix:


List of free image software for the Mac:

Premade Elfquest Dressup Website

Dressup type dollmakers/avatar communities

Just faces

Photo cartoonizer


Base-type dollz sites

[url= site/pixel_new.htm][/url]

[url= 4/Studiostella_6_layout_DONT STEAL.htm][/url]




History/Definition of Dollz

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Re: Dolling links and makers

Post by katcombs on Thu Apr 09, 2015 5:55 pm

Note: I have not checked these lately! Most of the ones that don't have links now have their bases on DeviantArt or are gone.

Bases I've Used: - 2 Pixel - A Little Bit of Magick (SilverWolf) - Aminomiko - AngelDust - Ars Deorum Pixels (Ryoshi) - Autumn Pixels - Azha: The Hatching Place - Cathie's Crazie Creations - Charli -CristalPlanet - Daisy Dolls (snoopy21) - Doll on the Hill Factory - Dollie Diner - Dream Pixels (Koshi) - Dreaming Dolls - Eden Enchanted Exclusive - Emby Quinn - Emerald Eyes - FairyInk - Hush -Icewell - If Looks Could Kill - Julie's Dolls - Kawaii Hannah - Khiitan - Kitrakaya - Le Leche - Lolli62 - Loopy's Pixelated Playground - Made by Renee - Marvealle - MBladez (DA ) - Mira - Netbelle -Nevermore - Nimue - Oh-My-Stars! - Orange Crux - Pinkland - Pink-Night Garden - PPKH - Random Doodles - Sabbi - Sechmet - Sephora - Shouri - Solace - Sugary Sweet - Sweet Poison - Teena - Tessa -Wayuki's Place - Yumistudio (Angychan)


Dollmaker Sites I've Used: - Azaleas Dolls - Doll Divine - The Doll Palace - - Dollz Mania - Dressup247 - Elouai - I-Dressup - Lunaii - Otaku - Rinmaru - Style Dollz - Superkarin - Chibi Pixel Doll Dress-Up - Yahoo Avatar

Avatar Communities: - Celainia - Ernya (Dream Avatar ) - Gaia Online (tektek ) - IMVU - Meez - Menewsha (Dream Avatar ) - Midorea - Solia - Subeta - Unifaction - Zantarni (Dream Avatar )

Doll & Other Sites: (More bases, not in any order) - Deeply Hurt - Moonglow Dolls - Apitchou - Bunnystick - Fainelloth Dolls - Josie's Dollz - bondchickz - ElfQuest Premade Dollmakers - Ballbreaker's Microhero Page -

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Re: Dolling links and makers

Post by Jeedai on Sat Apr 11, 2015 7:37 pm

The tektek link is dead, and Gaia Online went member-only Sad

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Re: Dolling links and makers

Post by katcombs on Sat Apr 11, 2015 7:41 pm

I've been a member of Gaia for ages so didn't notice that part, I knew tektek got taken down cause he was earning money through ads for the site. He chose to take it down instead of removing the ads. I read somewhere that Gaia is planning on making their own maker, but it won't be in the near future. Been fed up with tektek since they deleted the original archives and I love a TON of teks. now also has a bust and pony maker on it... haven't checked the others yet, just copied them off my site and old links from

For those interested in ponies, there's I think it would be fun to see what everyones elf would look like as a pony Very Happy

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FatherTreeHolt Doll link + nspony

Post by Nightsea on Fri Apr 17, 2015 12:11 pm

Just want to keep this link handy too:
FatherTreeHolt Forum Doll Thread.


Nightsea if she was a pony:


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Re: Dolling links and makers

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