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the character Nightsea

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the character Nightsea

Post by Nightsea on Wed Jul 16, 2014 8:32 am

With Wavecatcher:


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Re: the character Nightsea

Post by Nightsea on Wed Jul 16, 2014 8:35 am

Name: Nightsea, aka Lieutenant Nightsea

Soul Name: Resh

Birth-tribe: sea elf, but joins Starfleet in a mirror universe later

Bond-Animal: Moonfisher, a bottlenose dolphin (he can send). On the ISS Ghidorah, Nightsea has taken her bond dolphin with her, of course, so she prefers
quarters that are quite spacious, and able to hold the tank where her friend sleeps. She usually will want to book a Holodeck for hours at a time to exercise her bond-beast as well.

Appearance: auburn/brown hair, super long with a widow's peak,
high ponytail (like a Chief's topnot in style) or worn straight down
she's very tall (Timmain or High one sized) with blue eyes and arched eyebrows and coral pink narrow top lip

Attire: blue mini skirt with yellow sash,
blue sleeveless halterish top w/yellow edge,
thigh high black high heel boots,
phaser or sword optional
See uniform "A" (but make it blue):
But, keep her in blue and you can make any outfit work.
Prefers two-piece (bare midriff) style.
sea or space influences welcome

Personality: She's afraid of space, but hides it well.  She is nocturnal by nature, and loves the fact that in Space, it is always dark outside. She is often found gazing out the nearest porthole at the stars. She likes humans well enough, but avoids them as often as possible. Her life on Abode was a secretive one, and not until the possibility of swimming in the high black ocean of the sky was real did she venture forth from her small island. She is not unfriendly, she just prefers to wait and observe, until the tides sort themselves out, and she knows where all the eddies and currents are, before she dives in! Her goals are simple, to see where the High Ones came from, to find other life forms (and learn all about them--inside and out), and to find a soul mate, one day. She is fond of song, dancing, and loves to socialize when the wild mood strikes.

She has some very minor healing talents, and will not shy away from dissecting things to see what makes them tick. She doesn't like cruelty, but it is a part of life, and she prefers to kill whatever she eats for herself, if time allows. Replicators seem so impersonal, but practical.

The Empire doesn't frighten her, and the humans and other races seem no more important to her than any new sea slug she has discovered. She loves them all, as they represent a high diversity, but doesn't want to develop close attachments to individuals, unless they seem worthy of a true bond. She is very old, yet retains the glow of elven youth in body, and feels that water and healing are one in the same for her. She is an excellent shot with hand weapons, if she aims, she hits. She doesn't play with death, it is never a game. Still learning much about the technology now available, but a quick study. She's very hands on, so likes machines that "extend her self" best.

Role: Island young elf (past)
Lt. on board the Ghidorah Star Fleet ship (current)

Skills: minor healing, sending

Uniform Personalisation: Always wears blue, even when she is out of her powder-blue, science officer uniform, and into personal attire. The two piece uniform will suit well.
She likes swords and throwing stars, poisons (toxic darts) and other easily concealed weapons.  Has a phaser, but also has a sword exactly like New Moon.

Department : Science, specialising in Marine Sciences (oceanography, marine biology).

Audio File: Lt. Nightsea reporting for duty

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Nightsea created by others

Post by Nightsea on Sat Oct 24, 2015 11:48 am

I edited these two from kat:

The image below was "borrowed" from an artist named Robert Quill I think, then edited into my Nightsea by me (so all that's wrong with the image is my fault):

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Re: the character Nightsea

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