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Kat's EQ Micros and Dollz

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Kat's EQ Micros and Dollz

Post by katcombs on Fri Jun 29, 2012 7:53 pm

I haven't updated this from my old post, but I think most of the links should work...

ElfQuest Elves


Moonshade Microheroes

Nightfall Microheroes

Leetah Microheroes

Dewshine Microheroes

Clearbrook Microheroes

Microheroes Collabs - Brill with Jeedai, Leetah with Moonmoss, Cutter with Joffre Roda, male High Ones with elfeneyes

Base by Azha

Base by Fabie

Base by Wayuki

Bases by ILCK, Netbelle

Bases by Emby Quinn

Base by TekTek

Pixel Heroes

Bases by ILCK, Pinkland, Zantarni, Michael P, SilverWolf, Mira, Palace, Mobsters (Myspace)

Bases by Angychan and Tessa

Kat dollz with Nightsea hair Smile Base by MikeP

My oldest doll - No base

Created with IMVU

Created by Kat, for the Pinis (base by Wayuki)

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